Get the Look: Brass & Black Bath

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I've been making some changes to my bath over the past couple weeks--mainly things we didn't get to during our initial renovation like add bath towel hooks and paint the walls a color I actually wanted instead of just what we happened to have  left after finishing the rest of the house--and I'm reminded of how much I love the selections I picked for the bath, which is surprising because I typically want to completely change a room as soon as I finish it.   Thankfully the bath is not a room you tend to spend too much time in, so you don't tire of the design as quickly as you (I) might in other rooms.  It's been 6 years and I wouldn't do anything differently.  That said, I love what I'm seeing in bath trends these days:  Hexagon tiles, brass faucets, modern toilets....
This bath designed by @sarahshermansamuel uses one of my favorite faucets, Kohler's "Purist".  I should also note that (despite my clever post title) the drop-in bathtub by Kohler is not black, it's actually a very dark grey, "Thunder Grey" to be exact.  Sarah then had the tub surround made and finished with polished concrete, tinted to match the color of the tub.

Shop the items in this bath, plus some extras that I would add, below!

Image:  @sarahshermansamuel
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 *please note that not all products listed here are in Sarah's bath.